The Benefits of Microsoft Project Training

Education is often expensive, but the consequences of skipping education altogether are much more costly. Trying to teach yourself a new program or learn on the job all while managing clients, customers, employees, or projects can cost both you and those around you valuable time and money. Not to mention the stress of uncertainty and approaching deadlines. Education is an important foundation for any project and investing in proper training on an indispensable project scheduling tool such as Microsoft Project will help you avoid unnecessary hassle, expenses, and the headache of disorganization.

Microsoft Project Training

Microsoft Project has numerous benefits which are tailored to meet the needs of a variety of businesses, organizations, and individuals. It is a powerful project scheduling and management tool which does away with the need to keep scribbled notes and scraps of paper. It is more reliable than just trying to manage the project by memory and allows for larger and more complex projects. It is exactly these kinds of projects that Microsoft Project was created for, and with proper training, it can help you deal with anything that comes your way, including project changes.

Small adjustments in the project’s goal, timeline, or process can have huge impacts overall while large changes are easier to track and account for, but with MS Project, either one can be easily and efficiently dealt with. It takes the guesswork out of planning ahead and the tediousness out of crunching numbers and categorizing to-dos, freeing you up to focus on the task at hand.

Our training program will fully equip you to use Microsoft Project to your advantage whatever your project may be. We not only give you the “how” to use it, but also the “why,” including detailed explanations of all the things Microsoft Project can do for you.

In our courses, you will gain the skills and training needed to maintain a well-structured project schedule, plan the most effective ways to reach your objective, organize in advance and be ready to deal with potential problems, and identify roadblocks ahead of time. After you have started your first project, an updated schedule and timeline will help you see how your project will do in the future and help you compare projected outcomes to desired ones. This allows you to adjust further in the future if needed.

All of this is aimed at making project management as efficient and painless as possible and includes additional outcomes such as the ability to more accurately budget and predict cash-flow as time goes on.

Without proper training, Microsoft Project can be a daunting program. It is different from other Microsoft programs, such as Excel and Word, which are aimed at a wider audience and smaller, more general projects, but this does not mean it is too complex or inaccessible for anyone to learn.

All training includes a course companion to assist you and a full, digital copy of our reference manual which you can use when setting up future projects. Our instructors are Microsoft certified and able to give you the tools you need to succeed as a project manager. They are ready to show you how to reap the benefits of Microsoft Project and maximize your success wherever possible.