Essential Keyboard Hacks That Can Raise Efficiency

Computer hacks are essential aspects that will help you along the course of a job, as they try to make things easier. By learning them, one can not only raise the aspects of efficiency but also qualify to meet deadlines way before schedule. Since it brings so many benefits to the table, it is quite necessary to learn them. So to help you out, we have piled together some of the most critical keyboard hacks that are worth knowing.


1. Document Shortcuts

Document shortcuts and other kinds of editing shortcuts are plenty in number. For copy and paste, Mac users can use Command+C and Command+V. The same for windows go out to be Control+C and Control+v. Apart from that, if you wish to select all of the text, then you can do that by using Command/Control+A, and if you want to undo the action, then the hack is Command/Control+Z. If you wish to save the document, then it is Command/Control+S. The sooner you learn these hacks, the better.


2. Search

The search option is another hack that a majority of computer users are not aware of. Due to that, they tend to use the same old method that is time-consuming and creates a whole bunch of problems. So all Mac users need to avail this option by tapping Command+F. On the other hand, Windows users can perform the same activity by using Control+F. Since these hacks are quite easy to remember, individuals get it at the very first attempt. But if you don’t, then you can always try again till you learn it.


3. Screen Capture

Screen capture is a feature that many believed existed only for smartphones. So contrary to popular belief, we are here to tell you that you can also perform the same for PC and Mac. So the hack is to click on the Windows Key+Shift+S. By doing so, you can choose the layout that you wish to capture. If you’re a Mac user, then you need to use Command+Shift+4.


4. Undo Your Undo

While we are familiar with Command/Control+Z, it is also essential to learn all about the task to indo something and to revert back. For that very purpose, you need to use Command+Y and move on with things. In a hectic schedule of work, these aspects are common, and one cannot always prevent them from happening. But your hasty work can be corrected by doing so. Hence, give it another read and understand these hacks further in detail. After a couple of sessions of practise, you can become a professional.