Essential Computer Skills That Will Land You a Job

The age of digitisation has brought forward companies with needs that mostly revolve around computers. As a result, the usual office job went on to involve a computer and individuals had to learn how to do so. Things have gone further in this manner and reached a large extent where necessary computer skills are also looked upon. So a resume that contains the same will surely rank higher and help you secure a role in any company. Hence, to give you a basic idea, here are all the essential computer skills that you need to know for a job.


1. Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is an obvious candidate to this list as it transpires to be an essential aspect of everyday work at the Office. With different formats, scripts and other documents coming into the picture, individuals need to implement Office or other related applications to make their work efficient. Since most of the resumes are also made using Office, you might not be in a favourable position if you are not aware of the same.


2. PowerPoint

Office presentations tend to be carried at important meetings as a move to raise the efficiency of the entire process. By doing so, individuals will be aware of the matter at hand and can acknowledge essential information that needs to be heard by one and another. For this purpose, management and employees use PowerPoint as it has all the tools that are needed for presiding a presentation. So the knowledge of PowerPoint is also critical to manoeuvre your skills and land yourself with a job.


3. Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets is another crucial application that guides the workforce to follow a certain sense of order and discipline when it comes to recording information. These programs, especially Excel also include numerous hacks that can make your work easier. Individuals who are well versed with the same and can accomplish complex tasks with it are more than welcome into a company.


4. QuickBooks

QuickBooks tend to provide tools for a host of tasks such as accounting, payroll, invoicing, reporting, and so on. Due to this, small organisations and large business corporations have found QuickBooks to be essential. So if employees with such valid information come forward, then the management will definitely acknowledge the same.


5. Email

Email is another apparent candidate to this list, and many cannot do without the same. For all vital office requirements, people are asked to send emails as a way to communicate important information. So by all means, you need to have an Email ID and also know your way around the application. Hence, make sure to understand and learn these skills in order to land yourself with a job.

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